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Originally Posted by captainrevo1 View Post
Just out of interest when you say in the future, do you have a rough idea when?

A month?
A week?
A day?
My finger is hovering over the update key, hold onto your butts?
No rough idea at this time. Only 2 games have been switched over so far (Ether Saga and Neverwinter), and I'd like us to go last so we have time plenty of time for you guys to check out other upgrades and provide feedback for ours.

Originally Posted by nynik View Post

1) I'll pass this along to the Web Team to look into

2) Possibly, but when I look at it, it's the same width of the actual forum. Are you seeing something different?

3) I'll pass this along to the Web Team to look into

4) I'll pass this along to the Web Team to look into

5) It will be reviewed, but the permissions will most likely stay as they are for most things. NWs may still be under review. We'd would like to allow for as much customization and personalization as possible, though.

6) They won't be linked in-game at the time of launch, no. That's something we'd like to do again in the future but there's no ETA.

Mr. Turtle fixed the avatar thing Thanks for pointing it out!

Originally Posted by psycoticvulcan View Post
Great news, and thanks for giving us warning this time.

One question: when you say we'll be able to edit "all our old posts", does that include the ones that currently show up as "Archived Post"?
If you can not currently edit a post in question, you will still not have the option post upgrade.

Originally Posted by sekritagent View Post
I do remember your post and there were some great ideas in there. I'll be looking into what forums can be merged during the upgrade. I'm still not sure which will be, though. Although many devs don't post in those forums, they are still being watched and read by the appropriate team (DOFFs by those who work on the system, Bugs by QA, etc.)

Originally Posted by blackjackwidow View Post
Will the in-game mail be available on the website as it was pre-PWE? I really miss that.

And, will the signature/edit avatar/edit title all be in one spot (user CP, for example)?

And gosh darn it, sorry to put this here, but I've tried to change my title to Starfleet Veteran several times and it won't do it! I even changed my logo to one of the defaults to change the title and then changed back, and still it won't stay. I've been subscribed well over 1000 days now, it just doesn't make sense to me that it should be this hard.
Mail will not be available out of the game at the time of upgrade. It's something we'd like to do in the future but there is no ETA I can provide.

The UserCP should be revamped. Check it out on Neverwinter and leave your feedback here.

Try setting your title from a different browser -- some browsers are causing title changes to not stick for some strange reason. The Web Team is investigating.


Brandon =/\=

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