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Here's the idea (FREE FOR ALL PVP )space and ground. Hers's a bigger picture for ground.Now have a map the size of New Romulus,have terrain setting like in the mission ALFA from the kdf side, disable RPG mode (or keep it if like), remove enemy tag and visual off the map, decrease shields and health for a very clean kill ,make melee weapon the 1 hit wonderand last put a max of 50 player NO teams and just pvp it out with just skills and your whits and fight to be on top of the leader board. (oh you got a kill. guess what!!! your own fleet mate just flanked you for a 1000 crit you wile camping in bushes) for space just give it a free for all didn't put mush thought into it noting fancy.

so you guys feeling me on the free for all suggestion
plz don't get mad. i have a headache and i just got off COD MWF3 and i thought to myself (WHY DONT WE HAVE THIS IN STAR TREK ONLINE)

ha fixed spelling dew to burning head ...............i should be asleep

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