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TBR sci ship

mirror deep space, deep space, varanus

i suggest buying a mirror deep space on the exchange for less then 100k EC. in a sci ship, and especially with a tac captain, TBR with low aux has always been a potent damage dealing combination, with low aux it doesn't push very hard, just deals damage. currently, particle console are having a much larger effect on the damage then it used too, with a tac captain, you can get it to deal 10k shield penetrating kinetic damage per pulse

3 single cannons, 3 turrets


HE1, FBP1, ST3

station power long form here


omega deflector
omega engine
omega shield


borg, 2 neutronium

4 particle generators

2 energy damage consoles


2 purple TT conn doffs, 2 purple ST dev lab, 1 purple TBR tractor beam doff

the omega deflector has a particle gen boost, and the 3 piece set gravaton anchor has a -50 to kinetic defense, and the TBR deals kinetic damage.

the single cannons with CRF are going to be the best way to deal weapons damage on this thip, though they will be mostly inconsequential. the 2 HE1 should keep your hull healthy, and the cycling of EPtS1, RSP and ST3 should keep your shields very healthy. the FBP is a skill that is boosted by particle generators too, and with 2 copies you can deter people firing at yo for a lot of the time. currently this ship will shatter everything around it, when what seems like a bug is fixed, it will still be the best way for a sci ship to deal damage.

sci ships are more useful of course at befuddling opponents and setting up kills for a team. but this can be a fun damage dealing toy
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