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Originally Posted by azniadeet View Post
You know, the more I think about this... you could make it like a shipwreck scenerio... if you used Galorndon core, you could say that everyone on the planet is going nuts from the neural energy scrambling their brain. You have to fight for survival until you beam out. You have no shieds, therefore Melee is much more effective, and it's an absolute free for all, with some small dilithium bonuses to gain.
I certainly don't object to another ground PvP zone, especially a Free-4-All.
Galordon Core has issues thou.
Like you said, the interference causing brain issues.
Wouldn't this bring rise to certainly "mental" abilities having issues?

It wasn't just Brains that were having issues, a Romulan lost the use of his legs there.
So maybe something like acquiring Injuries based on time spent on the surface. temporary injurys that are removed when you left Core?
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