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Originally Posted by spessmehreen View Post
The [DMG] modifier is a little more intricate than a flat +5 bonus damage per volley

Last I ran a full comparison, I found that the additional damage granted via [Dmg] is a flat increase that is heavilly affected by weapon type.

With Purple Mk XII equipment [Dmg] can be viable - however, with high levels of CrtH, CrtD and damage buffs, you should see more benefit from stacking other modifiers over [Dmg]. The problem really comes down to the fact that additional damage buffs (such as Attack Pattern Alpha) won't affect the flat [Dmg] Proc, but will affect crits, and thus the bonus damage granted via [CrtH] and [CrtD].

That said, 4 modifiers (or 5 modifiers!) instead of the standard 3 is going to be pretty hard to beat, regardless of what those modifiers are. [Acc]x3 is certainly still going to have a place in PVP content, but I suspect [CrtD] and [CrtH] stacking is only going to be situationally viable (for one-shot kills via increased spike damage).

(Though I still love my Polarised Disruptor collection...)

[edit: a quick search shows Flekh posted an accurate breakdown on [Dmg] mods quite recently here]

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