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11-06-2012, 05:59 PM
Hmmm, I'm sorry guys, but I believe the klingons are capable of diplomacy as any other race if necessary, way to easy to to put them in the warmonger category when in fact the klingons can be just as quick and smart as any other diplomat. DS9 episodes showing them taking cardassia was part a a long plot by the dominion and is not the rule for klingons. If you use DS9, don't forget the episode where Worf supposedly killed a civilian ship during a battle and went to court for mass murder. It was a klingon diplomat who was there to bring him home for trial. That episode showed just how much diplomacy works for klingons without firing a shot. There are other examples. Star trek movies, new frontiers is a another example. I believe STO does not do the klingons justice on that front. The ordinary warriors think in terms of glory in battle. Who is a worthy foe? But older more mature veterans know better. Classic Star Trek only showed Klingons as adversaries, more like Russian Cold war, and the Other series did not put them in the I will conquer the galaxy mode. I have seen all the series, and frankly I'm surprised by the STO version.
My point is, the Klingons have a rich and powerful history, Similar to Old Japan and the samurai. The Klingons are just as capable to place good diplomats on the otherside of the table if necessary, and have done so in the past. Don't short change them.