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Originally Posted by jcsww View Post
They were on Tribble for a little while but seem to have disappeared. The cost was 200 Lobi Crystals for the outfit and is a per toon unlock. This really disappointed me! There was a color pallet with the uniform though and is probably why it has disappeared. The pallet for the top used the standard Fed pallet but the pants used the KDF pallet. In a lot of cases, it's hard to find matching colors but I had an orange and blue one that looked decent. The rank pins are especially nice on this uniform. It's too bad Cryptic doesn't allow the different rank styles to be used on other uniforms outside of the one they are for. I would gladly replace most of the ranks on my 25 costume slots with these and the Adacemy Cadet ranks if it was possible.

My Captain's Relativity Uniform
That is sooo sexy, and the more i see it the more iam tired of them holding onto them.. sigh. The price is steep thats for sure, but there problalbly one of my fav outfits. Hopefully they come out for s7 launch or prior.
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