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We have seen the introduction of [ARC] modifier when the 180 degree torpedo was put in.

How about building on that?

[ARC] modifier = arc/range/refire modification

+ARC modifier = widens firing arc at the expense of range and longer refire times.

-ARC modifier = narrows firing arc and gains shorter reload times (heavy torpedoes = faster flight speed, dual cannons = fires more bolts per burst)

For example, a photon torpedo with +ARC x3 would gain 360 degree firing arc.. but its range would be limited to 2km and +3 seconds to refire.. +ARC x2 = 270 degree arc, 5km range, +2 seconds to refire time. Arc x1 = 180 degree arc, 8km range, +1 second to refire time. NO arc modifier = standard weapon arc/range/refire we use now.

You get the idea.

[Pwr] modifier = Power cost

This modifier decreases the power cost of energy weapons per shot.

[YLD] modifier = Warhead Yield.

This modifier is different from DMG and others. It increases the damage area the projectile weapon generates when it hits. A Tricobalt for example would have its 1km blast range increased to 2km when its [YLD]x3 . Projectiles with no blast radius that inflict an effect have the effect inflicted up to 1km radius when under YLDx3 (aka chronitons for example).