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11-06-2012, 07:29 PM

Removed Dilithium costs from all Reputation XP projects on both Romulan and Omega reputations.

Affected projects are:
~~ File Situation Report on Status of the Borg Threat
~~ Submit Research Materials to Omega
~~ Support Colonization Efforts of the Romulan Star Empire
~~ Support the Romulan Star Empire

Some commodity inputs were also adjusted, but total cost of these projects was unchanged other than the removal of the Dilithium cost.
Omega Conversion Crates are live!
~All characters that previously possessed any Encrypted Data Chips, Borg Salvage, Borg Tech or STF Equipment Requisitions will find an Omega Conversion Crate in their inventory.

~All instances of the aforementioned items should have been removed from their inventory and bank.

~There are several different tiers of conversion that players may have fallen into, based on the amount of the aforementioned items they possessed.

~~Right-Click your crate and choose "Info" to see the exact contents of yours.

~ Omega Conversion Crates will remain locked until the character that possesses them reaches Tier 3 of the Omega Reputation.

Now, that is a better solution.

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