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11-06-2012, 08:29 PM
short: 1.) Raise dilithium refining cap or remove it.

2.) Raise loot chance in dropboxes. For people
that can't always afford to buy keys in the
c-store, spedning 1m+ ec in the exchange
only to get an item worth 50k in the exchange
is frustraing, especially when this happens to
anywhere from 5-20 lockboxes in a row.
I can afford to buy c-store keys, btu not everyone can.
And why would i want to when the droprate is so low?
keys can be abught in the dilithium/zen exchange
but, look what it takes if you can't afford real-life
currency to buy master keys for lockboxes:

1 c-store master key = 125 zen
125 zen = 19,750 dilithium
19,750 x 20 lockboxes = 395,000 dilithium
395,000 dilithium @ 8k refinement cap
= Grand total of 49+ days farming dilithium
49 days farming dilithium compared to 500k to
*maybe* 2 million total ec exchange value is
NOT a good ratio. Makes some of us nto want
even try our chance at lockboxes. If droprates
weren't so incredibly low I wouldn't mind giving
up a few real-life things to spend the money
on c-store master keys.

3.) Fix the bug that has been around forever that when
you are in the middle fo a mission or episode and
you get kicked offline, when you log back on, you have
to start way at the beginnning of the mission/episode.
This sucks especially if you're running it in Elite mode
and it takes 5x times longer to get thru to the end only
to be knocked offline 1-2 minutes before the episode/
mission is done and have to restart way at the beginning.

Mid: 1.) Give fleet members missions for things like ship modules
and other fleet starbase-baught items that ahve a limited

2.) Make the dilithium store-baught transwarp coil permanent.
30k+ dilithium is a 3-4 day dilithium farm for a single use?

3.) Make it so the chief medical officer on yoru own personal
ship can not only heal you as captain/admiral but heal your
duty officers as well. For some reason, this not being so
just makes the game alot less realistic. It's nto a lazy thing,
because i can transwarp to Deepspace 9 or Earth Space Dock
and run to the Doctor NPC there and ti takes just as long to
do that as it does to visit my own bridge and run to my own
chief medical officer.

Long: 1.) Bring areas into the game that has enough hostile NPC's to kill
for experience and loot. I love hte mission/episode/STF aspects
of the game, but sometimes I simply want to go somewhere and
test / hone my skills against NPC's. Perhaps a few simple worlds
where you can touch down and start blazng away or die in a blaze
of enemy fire, or perhaps a single-player aspect of the entire STF
system woudl be even better. Knowing an STF inside and out
before you join a group for one (Especially an Elite STF) would
help prevent player from joining an STF and either getting his/her
group killed or ruining it for his/her group members by missing
timers etc, thsu making everyone else have to wait the 28 minutes
to have a try at it again, only to be grouepd once again with
another player that ahs no idea what to do in any certain STF.
This being enabled would give every player an opportunity to test
and hone thier own skills, thus making them a much more valuable
asset to a group.

2.) Help get rid of the *Run Around All Over The Place* burnout that
effects so many players in virtually EVERY MMO out there. A few
ways this could be done are:

A) Lower the timer on the console that enables players tocall an NPC
Trader freighter. More acces to the bank and exchange when in
an area that has no available starbase to land on would be nice.

B.) Like i stated above, make the Transwarp coil that give you ONE
choice of ten transwarp points that costs 30k+ dilithium via
the dilithium store and is SINGLE use a permanent ability, even
if you only get one permanent transwarp destination added per
use and have to buy 10 coils in order to have all 10 destinations
added to your transwarp menu.

c.) Get rid of the cooldown/reuse timer on the ability Transwarp to
Earth Spacedock and to First City.

3.) At least try to respond when a player petitions and asks for help. If
you, Cryptic, want more paid Monthly and Lifetime subscriptions,
and if you want us, the player community, to spend more money in
the c-store, then please meet us halfway in customer support.
History in many MMO's shows that if you don't support your
customer base, they will eventually stop supporting you. I have so
far petitioned on 3 different problems and have yet recieved no
response whatsoever on any of the 3. You have a really
awesome game here, with HUGE potential, so please don't ignore
the ones who basically sign your paychecks.