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11-06-2012, 08:47 PM
I think any claims of insane DPS from sci's are from ages past, before the epic massive mega-nerf that was imprinted with much force upon the forheads of all SCI characters.

Now they're a total joke. I've had a hard time dealing with ground STFs in my sci as compared to my tac.

That's not even counting how broken the ground combat AI system is from the ground up, just comparing "broken with TAC" to "broken with SCI" -- it's harder as a sci, for sure. Everything you do triggers the need to remodulate, no matter how petty. It's pathetic. It hamstrings your every move. Borg adapt to... Fire? Yes. Natural elements. Instead of being kinetic, borg adapt to it and it does no damage. It also means you can't be SHOOTING them while setting them on fire because you now have to remodulate weapons. try hypersonic? Nope! Adapted! Wasted my skill, now it's on cooldown, even though I didn't FIRE A SINGLE SHOT between when I just remodulated and when I fired off my special skill!

SCIs are an utterly abused class by Cryptic lately. They're the whipping boy and have been nerfed to uselessness. You can try the healing role well if you have your hotkeys set up for fast selection of your teammates, but as far as offense? Forget it. The nerfhammer was too strong.

Shame, though. I think I'd have a lot more fun in my sci char, just as far as the sci class goes, if it could actually... you know... harm stuff.