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Originally Posted by ehrlehn View Post
A multiple targeting feature is an ability that seems sorely lacking at this point in the games development. The ability to either select at least two targets for attack, or be able to select an enemy and an ally (enabling you to continue attacking while able to heal an ally without breaking off your attack run) would be a welcome addition to enhance the game-play experience.

I certainly do not see how this feature would be game-breaking in any way and would be well within the ability of any ship given this games time frame, considering that multiple targeting is currently available on most weapons systems in our own time.


Erm there already are ability's and consoles that enable you to attack more than one primary target you can also do it manually depending what your keybinds are.

Don't forget about your power levels though, you may find you can do more damage to one target than you can to two at a time and this will only work with pve...utterly Buckley's of trying to take out two people in pvp at once unless your some kind of grandmaster.