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# 1 Difficulty Testing Rep System
11-06-2012, 09:02 PM
I joined Tribble over the weekend to test the new Rep System, but i have to say it's not been productive. I ran 2 STFs and completed my 1st 2 Rep System Projects, bringing me more than 1/2 to Tier 1. All i need for my next 2 projects, which will bring me to Tier 1 after the 40 hour wait time, is the Omega Marks. However, i've yet to be able to run an STF since then. I tried last night with no success, and tried again tonight with no success so far. I've been queued for the 3 old Normal Space STFs for over an hour without a single one engaging. Are STFs still being run? Is everyone running Romulan missions? Are STFs only being run on elite? If i cannot reach Tier 1 then i cannot truly experience the Rep System, making "testing" a moot point.

Also, and i may be mistaken about this, i was certain all i needed for my current "File Situation Report on the Status of the Borg Threat" was Omega Marks; i'd thought i had filled all the required Shield Generators and Industrial Energy Cells commodities, but when i logged on tonight i was short 50 Generators and 10 Energy Cells... were the requirements for the project increased in today's patch, or were some of my contributions lost in the patch? I have a vast abundance of Energy Cells, so i do not think it likely i accidentally put less than the full amount into the project.

It's now been nearly 1 1/2 hours that i've been queued, and still not a single engagement. I have to call it a night soon, because like many of us i have to work tomorrow, but i feel it's important to point out that if we are to test a new system then we need the means to actually test the system.