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11-06-2012, 09:05 PM
Originally Posted by barbatosa View Post
2 rare armor, 2 rare psg, 208 edc, 40 rare salvage, 46 proto salvage
Recived 3000 Omega marks, 13 BNPs, 4000 dilith ore
This is not too dissimilar from one of my characters.

I can't actually get onto tribble, or holodeck due the current patch issue.

But it looks like this is a fairly bad conversion in that, yes you get a lot of marks - but you lose out on potentially a huge amount of other resources.

Your rare and proto salvage alone would be nearly 140-150,000 dilithium (just eyeballing it).

At this point, now that all the gear and fleet gear, and basically any other endgame gear costs dilithium - the smarter approach will be to cash in all your items now.

3000 marks sounds great, except marks are not nearly as valuable a resource as dilithium and only have 1 sink.

On top of this, you can't actually access those marks until T3 in the rep system.

Unless something suddenly changes, and I'm not holding my breath, I'll be turning in all my items before S7 goes live.