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11-06-2012, 09:29 PM
I like [YLD] and I like [PWR], though I think [PWR] should probably be called [EFF] (efficient) instead, because I think that more accurately describes what it does.

I only have two concerns:

1. I'm not sure that [ARC] would work well. I could see [ARC] being added simply as its own modifier, without the range reduction, but probably at a smaller extension. So for example, each [ARC] might add 10% to the weapon's arc. A cannon would then jump from 45 degrees to 50 degrees, a beam array from 250 to 275, and a torpedo launcher from 90 to 100 (ideally it would round neatly). The drop-off in range like that just seems like something that wouldn't be easy to implement in the system and also somewhat inefficient.

2. The only issue I have with [YLD] is how it would work with other torpedoes, like photons. Would you just... not use it? Alternatively, you could make [YLD] increase the torpedo's special proc. So, for example, Chronitons with the [YLD] modifier would have instead of a 33% chance of reducing target flight speed and turn for 10 seconds, they might have a 50% chance of reducing target flight speed and turn. Transphasics with [YLD] would have instead of 40% shield penetration, 50% shield penetration. Something like that. Not sure what you'd do for quantums and photons. For photons it could make them reload faster, perhaps, and for quantums it could make them move faster to target, perhaps.

I would probably set it up like this:

Photon: Decrease reload speed by 0.5 seconds per [YLD] modifier.
Quantum: Increase projectile speed by 100% per [YLD] modifier
Plasma: Increase chance to trigger DoT effect by 17% per [YLD] modifier
Transphasic: Increase shield penetration by 10% per [YLD] modifier
Chroniton: Increase chance to proc by 17% per [YLD] modifier
Tricobalt: Increase area of effect by 25% per [YLD] modifier

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