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Dear Fellow PvP Players:

I am thrilled to share that Brandon has contacted me expressing great interest in helping Boot Camp develop. Brandon and I are in agreement that this should be a community-wide project and involve as many people as want to participate.

For my part, I am currently putting together a semi-formal proposal that Brandon will circulate to the developers whose work overlaps with PvP.

While I work on this front, then, I need help from you in filling a few roles:

- Advertisers: possible jobs include creating a Boot Camp logo, contacting various podcast organizations/blogs, etc.
- Coaches: main job will be to teach new players who attend the Boot Camp sessions.
- Organizers: possible jobs include working with technology logistics, administration, etc.

Some of you have already indicated interest in some of these areas in the previous post , and there is no need for you to do so again. Once this list begins to fill out, I will post it in the forums.

Indicate which role you are interested in a response below. Also, if there is a role you would like to fill but that is not found in the list above, please just say as much in your response.

Fellow players, this is an incredible, grass-roots opportunity for us to partner with the devs to improve the quality of PvP.

PvP Boot Camp Project Leader Emeritus