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# 1 How much am I worth?
11-06-2012, 10:42 PM
Before I go nuts in trying to decipher the conversion rates... (Come on...Crypt just give out the conversion rates. Player are gonna find out eventually. Smart math inclined player will be able to explain it simply to the math impaired.)

How much is my new Omega currencies actually worth? How much is Omega gear and Omega weapons in terms of marks, Neural Processors and Dilihtium? The Store is locked to players so most of use can't see the prices. We need to know the costs to make a fair determination of where to cash in or not.

I see that you've bent as far you are going to bend in regards to crediting Omega Rep. But give players the costs for Omega gear, now. Vague reassurances will not assuage people's fears. The players need real numbers.