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I am also glad about the dilithium costs being removed. Even if they weren't terribly high, there are just too many things costing dilithium and with elite STF's being my main source of dilithium I am concerned like many others about this "income source" shrinking in the future. Are anti-Borg weapons and any other gear bought through the reputation system still going to cost hefty amounts of dilithium? Right now, you can outfit a new cruiser with its own set of anti-Borg weaponry for 8 prototype Borg salvages...worth over 18K dilithium or so otherwise. I am concerned that the basic cost of acquiring special gear is going to skyrocket. I still don't have any Fleet weapons because all of my dilith goes to the fleet starbase projects, and am hoping my "easy" source of Borg gear isn't going to dry up as well.

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