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11-06-2012, 11:28 PM
Originally Posted by starfleetmaco View Post
[Rare Borg Shield Tech]x6

[Rare Borg PSG Tech]x5

[Rare Borg Weapon Tech]x3

[Rare Borg Engine Tech]x4

[Rare Borg Deflector Tech]x1

[Prototype Borg PSG Tech]x7

EDC x508

Got: 4000 omega marks, 15 neural processors, and 16k dil
Wow.. Not sure if you got burned or if I did..

EDC's x510

Rare Borg Tech x49

Very Rare Tech x51

Rare Salvage x250

Very Rare Salvage x146

If I were to trade those in now I would get 823,488 Dilithium.

What I got was in my Omega conversion box:

Omega Marks: 7,000
Neural Processors: 15
Dilithium: 48,000

I'm sorry but this seems like I'm a little short changed. The borg Neural Processors should be one to one conversion rate
And Dilithium conversion also seems a lot short changed.

I'm sure you're 'happy' that you released the conversion box but you haven't really told us the actual conversion rates for each unit and how you came to your calculations.