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Few random things:

3k for a cruiser isnt good, with slacking and a lot of room for improvement 4.5k is norm for tac capt (eng cap will be few hundred dps less). Regular Assault Cruiser can easily get to 6k and more.

8 beams are great with 125 power to weapons, lower than that and turrets will be same if not better dps (its about power consumption per shot). Beams rock with fire at will but its in many situation not best idea to use, turret canon skill rapid shot is great for single target and you can use it every time its up. Another plus of turrets is for not to good pilots that have issues with broadsides tactics, as turrets have 360 degree firing arc and you will always hit with all 8.

In your setup i didnt noticed assimilated console, if you want to do any decent dps this thing is a must have. It came from first mission in undine line episodes.

About weapon dmg types:

I agree antiproton is great, disruptor is decent too, but tetryon kick *** too with nice build, its great for striping shields from opponent (combine with omega set 2 set bonus, tetryon glider, without dont bother), if tac cube have 0 shields and you run with random pug they attack from all sides, if shields are down cube and tac cube die much much faster.

If you run tanker healer cruiser and have far less than 125 weapon power tetryon with glider is way to go as it helps team much more than raw (low without 125 power) dmg.

I also played 3 weeks, my assault cruiser dps is around 5k through elite stf, could be much more but i need respec and its quite costly

Oh dont forget to cycle emergency power to weapons and shields, this helps a lot.

Just my 2c.

Edit. ps. Sardoc, polaron with Jem'hadar set is good dps, but i would advise against it in elite stfs. Issue is the plasma dmg coming from enemies, and JH shields have only 10% resistence to all. Best shield is maco for feds, as its same as jh 10% + 20% to plasma. Best setup imho is maco shield + omega engine, deflector for glider, but only if you have the skill that increase its strength, if not and you dont want to respec best setup i found out is: maco shield + deflector + retro borg engine + assimilated console. You get nice 2set bonuses from both maco and retro borg setcand maco shields are great against borgs. I can tank tac cube in elite from 20 sec to max 1.5 minutes depending if reverse shield polarity was up when i started tanking (i have 2 of those for 1 rsp each minute).
Ironically, even though this post was overlooked it had a hell of a lot more Truth-per-Sentence than the OP ever did.

Please do not put beams on your Defiants or whatever. Thank you.

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