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11-07-2012, 01:08 AM
Let's not blame the player. The fault is on Cryptic side. PvE is so easy it does not prepare the average player for a typical PvP encounter. But all this really starts at the character creation. A new player does not know, that the default races sucks and lacking 10% of accuracy and 10% defence for example is a HUGE difference in the big picture.

As you level up..

- You do not need to balance your shield
- You do not need to move at high speed to max defence bonus
- You rarely miss because mobs have low defence rating
- You rarely die because NPCs lack the spike
- Yout boff selection does not matter in PvE
- Your doff seletcion does not matter in PvE
- etc.etc.

Hence in majority of cases a fed player that for some reason ventures to a FvK is an easy target. And even if you are good, the bad players in your team will pull you down with them.

I wouldn't say Klingon ships are better, but their natural strenght lies in stats that are valuable in pvp combat, such as turn rate. And they are far from gimped. Galaxy class is gimped.

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