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11-07-2012, 12:16 AM
There are a few issues with the B'rel which none of them have to do with the HP. The real issues behind the b'rel and why sometimes when certain changes are made that seem to try to benefit them they are nice gameplay but only for a short time period because of the whining of the fed only crowd that mostly thing KDF have nothing to do but go after them in PvP which is really far from the truth since PvP in this game is almost as dead as it can get.

As mentioned in this thread the 3 second decloaking benefits the enemy more than the benefits of the ship itself. That being to even try to bring down an enemy which besides kalferi system and some borg stfs they are very few unshielded targets in the game. That being stated kinetic damage which torpedoes do is nullified by shielding in which the way shield damage and drain resists go with specs either npc or player character now more than every make those skills virtually useless at their maximum output via consoles, boff skills, and spec barely even scratch shields so that hinders just about any purpose of using what is specified and advertised in sales of this ship.

Now for the transphasic torpedoes they were buffed from 20% to 40% shield penetration. The problem there is its the lowest damage torpedo in the game. From that you would have to fire so many torpedoes and basically stay decloaked with no shields that pretty much any target you are after can see you as well as lay down some fire on your hull with no shields. So all the things talking about its so hard to decloak one or that there are so many ways to decloak it on either side of the fence when it comes to this are null and void because the way the thing keeps you decloaked in this manner makes it where your enemy either player or npc doesn't need any special skills as long as you try to kill them they are given a gift wrapped target with no shields. Of a few years myself of trying to get them to balance this out all we get is slight buffs and then a nerf someplace else that puts the ship back in dust collecting mode.

So the increased health isn't warranted but actual internal and external ideas on how to make this work where you can compete with cannon and beam layouts without huge disadvantages is needed. We pretty much don't have a decent torpedo for shoot and turn as a former dev stated like it should have been or should be.

There are a few options I have stated over and over that could be beginnings of making it balanced. The first is making it as it was in the movie giving off a red flash once a torpedo is fired which that would give anyone carrying that seeking torpedo (great Idea I gave on that to the devs that they made for the feds but yet did not give us the b'rel users of the KDF any advantages to warrant a fed minded person to keep it on their ship to use so really cryptic is only hurting themselves by decreasing the value in their own products the brel and the console) a reason to use such a console. The other is making a console or game mechanic where any torpedo reguardless if its a transphasic or not have automatic % of shield penetration. That % would help especially due to if it would stack with a transphasic because a torpedo doing like 3k-4k damage and then 40% of that is still less than 500 damage vs 30k to 60k hulls that is pretty much 60-120 torpedo to take down a ship and thats before natural or self activated healing on the part of the target takes place meanwhile the pilot of the b'rel is sitting there while trying to kill the target open to shieldess attacks which to me is out of balance if there are all those powers to decloak a target when the game mechanic itself is doing it for the person being attacked so its OP for the attacker and a huge disadvantage to the owner and seriously out of balance.

Its just little things like this that hinder most players from going KDF because with the subject to change stuff their purchase is only good for one week and I would think a company like Cryptic would finally get the message and start doing something to make things they advertise have a good reputation.