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# 4 Converting table (Rough Draft)
11-07-2012, 12:27 AM
This is the first time I am posting on the forums. So hello everybody.
I saw someone ask about the conversation and item costs (here is his question):
Originally Posted by lordfuzun View Post
Conversion rates are meaningless unless we know how much a Mk X11 Space piece is going to cost in terms of Omega Marks, Borg Nueral Processors , Dilithium and Time. Will 250 Marks and 1 Borg Neural Processor get me a Mk XII M.A.C.O. Shield?
To answer him "At current on Mk XII set piece costs 500 Omega marks and 10 Borg neural Processors. "
The "Highest Conversions Value" I have seen was:
EDC - 2067
Rare Salvage - 128
Proto Salvage - 218
Rare Deflector - 1
Proto Armor - 14
Proto Wep - 3
Proto PSG - 1
Rare Armor - 28
Rare Wep - 10
Rare Psg - 4
Proto Shield - 9
Rare Shield - 10

After Conversion - 9000 Omega Marks, 15 Borg Neural Processors, and 64,000 Dilithium Ore.

This player has the marks for 18 pieces, the Borg neural Processors for 1.5 pieces, and the dilithium to buy 1-6 pieces. If the Sets are 10k he could buy 6 pieces with his dil. if the parts are 40-60k Dil (like equal tier items from the dilithium exchange) he can buy 1.5!

The following tiers are based on roughly 1000 Marks (Example: 1000-1999 is T1).
As far as I can tell there are a few tiers:
T0= 1 edc is 250marks and 1 bnp.
T1= 48 edc + 4 borg proto salvage, for 1500 marks; 7 Borg Neural Processors and 1000dil.
or = 24 edc +2 BPS +1 Rare tech; for 1500 marks, 7 Borg Neural Processors and 1000dil.
T2= 84 edc, 5 PBS, 1 Rare tech, 4 RBS; for 2000 Omega, 9BNP, 8k Dil.
T3=340 edc, 49 BPS, 13 Proto Tech; 3500 omega, 15 BNP, 8k dil.

*this tier maybe unlocked with less gear.
Note: At this point it seems the Borg Neural Processor's cap out at 15.
T4 Missing Data 4-4,500 omega, 15 BNP, ???k dil.
T5 Missing Data 5-5,500 omega, 15 BNP, ???k dil.
T6 Missing Data 6-6,500 omega, 15 BNP, ???k dil.
T7 Missing Data 7-7,500 omega, 15 BNP, ???k dil.
T8 Missing Data 8-8,5000 omega, 15 BNP, ???k dil.
T9= (above mentioned "Highest Conversions Value" ) 9000 Omega Marks, 15 Borg Neural Processors, and 64,000 Dilithium Ore.
I will update this as I get more Data from across the player base. If you Have anything that is close to the rewards posted in T4-T8 please attach it.

For me Tier 1 is what I am going to convert to. It will allow me to convert most of my loot to dilithium. It will leave me with 1500 marks to buy 3 items later ( I have both mk12 space, and my maco, so will just get the new honor guard of omega). The Borg Neural Processors are easy to come by in elite stfs. The Dilithium will not matter since most of my dil will be convert. I have 9 characters that I will be converting similar to this.