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11-07-2012, 12:35 AM
Originally Posted by badname834854 View Post
13 Proto Shields
1 Proto Deflector
9 Rare Shields
2 Rare Engines
1 Rare Deflector
1 Rare Armor Tech
179 EDC
36 Proto Salvaage
35 Rare Salvage

All of this equals 3500 Marks, 15 Neaural Processors and 8000 Dilithium.

Now I know why they waited so long to release these numbers.

This is utterly unacceptable bull****. Yes, I cursed. Total crap.

You nerf our sets, we complain, you say nothing.

You cut out income from STFs, we complain, you say nothing.

You cut random loot from STFs, we complain, you say nothing.

You then give us some nice "Greek tender loving" without a certain petroleum jelly and tell us it's for our own good. But you don't even kiss us; you make us wait to T-5?

That's it. Done.


Doc, you can have my **** and distribute it to the fleet. lol

EDIT: THere seems to be a "HARD CAP" going on here. Can someone plz run the numbers? I am too buzzed and too angry to do so. (hence my name)
It seems tiered in some way. I think it's probably to hit those people with crazy amounts of loot the hardest (though I'm not sure why since none of us gets any of this stuff for the better part of a month).

vids and guides and stuff

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