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Originally Posted by shimmerless View Post
In PvP, the necessity of [Acc] really depends on who you're playing against and your own loadout. Against four snoozers and a carrier or something, sure, you can do without it. But part of the reason it's so prized is that its effectiveness never changes; [Acc] is always the best scaling stat on the overwhelming majority of weapons/situations because of the way accuracy overflow works.

As far as your idea goes, though, am I missing something or how is it different to the way [Dmg] works now? Obviously your numbers are much stronger, but wouldn't the law of averages just end up coming to the same damage totals as if you were firing "half" as many shots with higher base damages?
You have a point, unless it's really zipping, defense-heavy ships, acc doesn't mean as much, but generally, in a good PvP match, someone isn't just sitting there, well, most of the time.

Well the Dmg modifier now adds...5 DPS I think for each one, is that correct? I can't remember exactly, but it's very very little and barely affects anything. In PvP, of course most of these numbers would just be shrugged off, and hardly even worth the bleed-through damage, or so I feel at least.

Even in PvE, the big baddies would barely feel it, but it would be consistent, constant damage with each hit. Maybe different weapons would be affected by this Dmg modifier differently, like perhaps Beam Arrays would get a larger boost from it, to better keep up with escorts, but DHCs would gain a lesser effect, so that they wouldn't be doing insane (or more insane) amounts of damage.

That isn't to make all weapons completely equal across the board or anything, far from it, but some weapons would gain a boost where they could be lacking severely in the game as it is today.

Now of course, if they just boosted Dmg to be worthwhile enough to want, my idea is pretty much for naught, but I just wanted to put out an idea that isn't just 'buffing the Dmg modifier' and give a much more different take.

Though my idea wouldn't work well on the ground, since you're usually dealing with small numbers of health and shields (even with bosses, it's not that much compared to what can be done already with a good team), as compared with the massive numbers in space.

Originally Posted by dalnar83 View Post
The problem of ACC generally is, that the Elusive trait is too strong.
True indeed. You can only get so much Acc most of the time, but plenty of defense.

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