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11-07-2012, 12:56 AM
Just a tip: removing or reducing dilithium cost for Borg/Reman/Romulan gear acquisition would really be a plus. My Special Service Squadron fleetmates are willing to pay Zen for the latest and greatest (I've already bought Zen in order to get the Vesta pack as soon as it comes out) but most, if not all, of us will not spend cash or Zen to get dilithium. Now, I know that the prototype borg salvage I currently use to get Mk XII ship weapons is basically worth 2304 dilithium per piece, so...if I must pay dilithium to get borg weapons I hope that I'm not paying any more than that or having to use other currency to buy those weapons that could otherwise be converted into more than that (or took more work to earn than prototype salvage!).

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