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11-07-2012, 01:25 AM
Created using the Foundry costume editor:

R-1 by connectamabob, on Flickr

EB by connectamabob, on Flickr

Not entirely studio model accurate, but the closest approximations I could get. Side note: these are supposed to be the original Refit and Ent-B schemes, for the E-A and pre-refit Excel the green should be replaced with with blue (and for the pre-refit Excel some of the scheme patterns selections should be a bit different as well). This is also possible in game, but the Foundry editor lets you pick colors and plating options for each individual ship component separately, while the in-game costume editor only lets you pick mesh and scheme.

The screenshots used in the starbase display is just the default refit Connie and refit Excel panel/scheme layout, which like with all the in-game ships, is mostly just a blank grey/white hull, and needs tarting up in the costume editor in order to resemble the actual studio model/CG ship schemes. I'm always a little bit surprised at the number of people who don't do that and just leave their ships totally bare white/grey, especially with C-store ships like the Excel. But then I'm an old modeler, so I'm probably a lot more aware of the movie/show paint schemes than most casual viewers/players.

All that said, the starbase display pics are a very minor cosmetic detail, and looking through the threads, it appears cosmetic details need to be pretty dang big in order to get fixed. Just not nearly enough devs to go around, it seems, so anything non-gamplay breaking has to get triaged fairly harshly.

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