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Originally Posted by seraphantilles View Post
I can't believe there is still no way to do this:

* enemy NPC ship decloaks
* you hail enemy NPC ship
* they say a bunch of stuff to you
* then they warp out and disappear off the screen entirely
* after they warp out some other ships decloak and you fight them but when their health is low, they get disabled and you board them

Seriously, this is basic stuff... many of the regular missions have stuff like this. Why isn't it in the Foundry?
This. A thousand times this. I just started making my first Foundary mission, and I wanted:

* The player to be attacked by the villain's ship (solo ship w/ specific costume, not factional grab-bag)
* After the player defeats enemy ship, enemy ship instead of blowing up turns tail and warps out

That exact thing has happened in official story missions, so I was rather surprised to find there was no way to do it in Foundary.

There just really, really needs to be a way to despawn NPC contacts similar to the show/hide parameters with objects, preferably with animations.

Other stuff:

Environmental sounds: I can set them for space maps, but not ground or indoor maps. I wanted to create a dive bar. Got halfway through construction, then realized that no matter how much activity there was on set, the place would end up being eery dead quiet. I can pack the room with all kinds of cool little character moments using the NPC animations, but the complete lack of ambient sound just makes it all jarring and creepy. There's a couple ambient sound files used in premade maps for exactly this sort of setting, so I know the resources exist already, I just can't use 'em.

This is doubly weird since the ambient sounds available to space maps include ground sounds like wind and jungle noises and stuff, suggesting that this feature was supposed to be available for ground maps, but someone goofed while assembling that part of the map editor.

More ship models available in ground maps: Like the landed and crashed BOPs, and placeable runabouts, Delta flyers, type 10s, class Fs, and Klingon and Frengi shuttles in addition to that one lonely type 8 would be greatly appreciated. Can't expect a KDF hanger bay map to be populated with Starfleet shuttles.

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