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Not really a secret, you've just gotta have your head out of your rear. Sadly, a lot of PvE players never make this realization, and then whine about how 'OP' the KDF is.

I've caught good players offguard with my decloak alphas, though. Make it quick enough, and it's difficult for them to react in time. And. . .even if it fails, I can almost always escape before I get ganked by a rescue squad. Hit and run, that's the ticket. Strike, retreat, repeat.
That's true, but the TT formula only breaks down when you get to extremely high levels of burst (full-buffed BO3 crit or something). Even then a little simple teamplay can shut down that kind of build, just take a Sci cappy friend who can watch your back and spam aux-buffed SS for you.

Whenever I play Klinkside I've been caught off guard by good Fed players who work as a team so many times it isn't even funny. You really start to see the weaknesses of Klink ships.

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