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11-07-2012, 03:41 AM
I agree with the basic premise. Low level players are a significant hindrance in these operations. It's not a comment against low-level players, or low-level ships, it's simply a reality of the way the game works that you need tremendous firepower and survivability to do well in end game battles of this scale

The present situation is bad. It should be improved..

A five person mission require that everybody on the team by a strong contributor. So maybe the real solution, if we like variety and the chance for lower levels to participate, is to make the events bigger so each player has a smaller burden to bear. Or to make them work by levels instead of players: maybe the match has a "cumulative level" of 250, and it will keep adding new players until it reaches that. So 5 level 50 players, or 3 level 50s, plus 2 level 35s, plus 2 level 15s. Or maybe even add NPC players to the match to keep the team's total level relevant: low level character brings in a Miranda, the starbase launches a Typhoon class battleship and a wing of Delta Flyers (all respawn) to help you out.