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11-07-2012, 04:20 AM
Always interesting and amusing to see someone blame the hardware for their own faults. People pay zero attention to who they are actually fighting. It is the enemy Captain, not the ship. The ship is just the shiny metal box we keep our toys in. If we choose the wrong toys, or we fight the ship in a style it wasn't intended for, why is it the opposing team's fault? BOP's are eggshells. Deadly eggshells, but eggshells nonetheless. The guy flying the BOP is what adds the "deadly' part.

I fly a Vor'cha Retrofit which I acquired as soon as I allowed to. I have spent a great deal of time and EC's outfitting it to match the style I play the game with. It isn't as fast as some ships but I can almost turn inside a BOP at the lower speed settings. Since IKS Qul Taj is a Klingon ship, I decided to stick with Klingon weapons instead of some of the more exotic types. I then spent weeks looking for the BOFF skills, consoles and DOFFs to make those weapons as effective as possible. Played a lot of PvP to test the things I wanted. Got my posterior handed to me more times than not. Took notes and learned from my mistakes. My Vor' cha Retrofit is not just OP! She is radically OP! I am quite proud of the fact I worked long and hard to make her this way. Went back and did the same thing with my Fed ships, too. Are they OP as well? You betcha sweet patootie they are! But this is okay because they're Fed, amiright?

Now, you want the Dev's to nerf my Klingon ship to the point where all you need do is frown harshly in my direction to kill me? So someone besides yourself can correct the mistakes you make by handing you a GodShip? News flash for ya. You'll die just as fast in that GodShip as you do right now. So then what? I feel badly for you. Seriously. If you aren't willing to make the effort to learn to play the game well, which takes more than five minutes, then it doesn't matter what the Devs give you. You'll be just as unsatisfied with whatever it may be.