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11-07-2012, 04:50 AM
I cant log in, and can not even get the launcher to come up. Its been happening for over a week now for me.

I have written tech support (though the problems i am experiencing include affecting the websites to so no idea if they have seen my response to them.)

I have done everything short of reformating my entire computer to try and get the launcher to connect to the auto-update server and everyone says its a problem on my end.

I can reach the cryptic firewall with a tracert with no large lag or dropped packets but from there the firewall or that auto update server are not allowing the process to finish so i never contact the auto-update server no matter when or how often i try.

Funny thing is that even the use of the HotSpot Shield VPN fails 50% of the time. STO is the only internet related website or game I am having a problem with at the moment.