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11-07-2012, 05:17 AM
Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
I'll remember that next time I get spawn mined and EWP'ed by the feds in Ker'rat at the respawn point.

The FvKing ques are to hard for everyone becuase the KDF gets blamed for crap that both sides do in PvP???

As if Fed feces only smells of roses and thier farts are pure perfume to the worlds nostrils.

Both sides have players whom act like turds and behave poorly.
Pff Roach, I admit I overacted a little. But I do not remember the time I saw feds spawncamping Klingons in queue matches. Dropping tric mines in the area is something new for me and It happend for me in majority of matches yesterday.

I can even live with swarms of siphons or other pets around the spawns, but this SUCKS. I die frequently in PvP, partially because of the quallity of my pug mate, partially because of my playstyle, and I do not care about it. But dying repeatadly on the spawn place is IMHO something that is beyond stupid and certainly won't drag more players into pvping.

Ker'rat is another story. I was talking about queues.

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