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Short term requests:
The same uniform for the whole crew.

Mid term requests:
1. More possibilities in quests. Why only to destroy and kill? The quests repeat and after a while they get boring.

After a defending a damaged ship, there could be the chance to beam to the ship, have a small chat with its captain or help him with repairs. Or to use tractor beam to bring the ship to safety. I can not imagine that captain Picard would defend a freighter and then leave and let it damaged in the space, open for other raiders.

The scientific quests are about beaming down to a planet in order to scan some debris. Maybe battle some invaders AND scan that debris and... it's the end. I am sorry for saying that, but it is unrealistic and boring.

For example, I beam to a planet with population on Stone age level, I really doubt I would beam down in my Starfleet uniform. The phaser or tricorder can be hidden, the whole outfit not. Klingons await me on the planet, but if I battle them as I do now, I could break the Primary Directive. I could try to sneak and eliminate them one by one, or find other possibilities, maybe beam them on my ship, directly to the brig. I find the debris/plants/anomalies and beam to my ship?s laboratory, where the job continues- to analyze the data, make a great discovery , or maybe I bring a sickness with me and infect my crew. So I have a find a cure.

2. Free time activities. Do Starfleet Captains have no free time? Time to read books, or captain's logs of completed missions, play an instrument, cook, or just play card/chess/do holodeck quests.

Long term requests:
1. Exploration. Many games are based on quests like- kill 20 something or bring me 30 ... however they have at least the freedom of running through the beautiful nature. Here I beam down to a planet without any fauna and run in a circle before I am blocked by an invisible wall. As a scientist I want to explore the space, beam to planets, meet other cultures, maybe help them to "kill 20 rabbits" or run through the near forest and make a list of healing plants, uncover the map and then save the new data in ship's database. Or I will search for a suitable flower for my first officer's birthday. While searching, scanning, killing the rabbits, something can drop for selling . My ideas sound maybe stupid, but a variety of quests makes the gameplay refreshing. And sometimes are the "stupid and childish" quests the funniest.

2. Used ship's interior. The ship so lively in the shows is only a dead place in the game. It always makes me sad when I walk through the corridors and see only puppets going up and down, with no possibilities to talk with them, give orders, or help repair a damaged console. I can not even sleep in my own bed after a long day, destroy the stupid antique alarm clock for waking me up in the morning or scold a bridge officer for not waking me up.
Within the ship's interior I would add a lab with a database for all my exploration, maybe Astrometrics like it was on Voyager, with information about all planets I visited, anomalies, species, their culture and history. During the long journeys everyone could choose whether to watch the ship flying, or prepare for the mission by reading.

I think I only repeat what others already said, please make Star Trek online a Star Trek game. For now it is only a science fiction online game that bears the name of a great show. New ships, a new playable race or great PVP are nice, but these or similar things can be found also in other MMORPGs.

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