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# 1 Universal Engineering Setup
11-07-2012, 06:03 AM
Confused by the Title? That's probably my fault (semi-intentional) though allow me to explain.

With season 7 soon to be released, and with that, even more grinding I figure it would make sense (for the time being at least) to concentrate on a single character rather than multiple. As such, I have decided to do just that; with an Andorian Engineer.

I'll be working up to commanding two ships, the Assault Cruiser and the Mirror Star Cruiser (they're the same design, but obviously differently set up, one having an Ensign assigned to Science over Tactical and vice versa). In addition to those, and to make the most of my Engineering field (and Bridge Officers) I'll also likely be getting the Patrol Escort and Deep Space Science Ship; both of which utilize the Engineering slot of Ensign and Lieutenant over limited dual Bridge Officer slots for other powers.

My question, taking into consideration I don't want to be buying 30 odd slots for Bridge Officers, what skills are best to use here? I figure I'm looking at three Tactical Bridge Officers (x2 Lt. Commander, x1 Commander), three Science Bridge Officers (x2 Lt. Commander, x1 Commander), and four Engineering Bridge Officers (x1 Lieutenant, x2 Lt. Commander, x1 Commander). Sound reasonable thus far?