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# 286 ok heard enough , seen enough
11-07-2012, 06:23 AM
ok look from what i just understood from other players in the game is your going to make the borg set weaker come season 7 , well if you do that i wont spend another dime on this game, im going to be straight forward i notice several things about this game that need to be fixed like the fact the borg set and the maco and the omega for need to be made stronger and you need to be able to use all of your powers @ each station not just only 1 station with 4 abilities and the rest 3 or 2 or 1 ability because i dont want to sit around wasting my time with something u cannot use, also need to be able to upgrade your skills to max on every skill level ,there is no sense in not having every skill level not maxed it takes away from true gaming, if you cannot even do that for money paying gam players then its not worth the time of day , atleast every other game iv played your able to max your skills , also fix all the glitches like being beamed in backwards when you beamed out forward, and the list goes on, oh and fix the bad laggy mess cause when females are changin thier outfits they appear naked for few secs to a few mins depends on how bad the lag is sometimes even tho i dont mind seeing that imagine some child playing be like momma whats that, also get rid of the loading when going from one sector to another its annoying but also time wasting ,i can understand loading into a space station , but why not just make it one big map so we can just fly into the next sector instead of having to load it, all of these things would probly be a good idea to look into, and do not touch any of my items when your doing the upgrades for season 7, we all worked hard enough to get those items takes more time then most of u have on your watch.