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Originally Posted by xsharpex View Post
i use my sci as a tank. i use the borg kit with melee and it slices and dices beautifully. i use 1 v. rare biologist (extends sensor scan time), 1 v. rare biochemist (gives -10 dmg resist defuff when using sci skills) and 3x rare melee security officers. combine that with a gambling device and a mk xi v. rare sword with 3x crtd modifier and you'll be doing some nice damage. you won't be doing the damage like tac captains do, but you'll be extremely hard to kill.

remember to fire off sensor scan and tach harmonic whenever you can. the damage resist debuff makes everyone stronger. for big bosses, the nano virus skill makes everything hurt more for them too.

sure, it's an expensive build... but it's fun as hell and it really gets the job done.
exactly my point. sci is ok for's just that you need to be a healer/tank to really shine! If you play that way, it is actually fun to be a sci.
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