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11-07-2012, 06:48 AM
I honestly don't get this conversion... Are accolades included by any chance?

I've just checked one of my characters. I got rid of all the salvage and tech, leaving only 76 EDC. Just this amount got me 1500 OM, 7 BNP and 1000 dilithium on Tribble.

Then I've been jumping back and forth transfering characters, selling only 10 EDC every time.

26 EDC still gave me 1500 OM, 7BNP and 1000 dilithium !

Only when I dropped to 16 EDC I only got 1000 OM and 5 BNP afair.

So yeah... great conversion there. I'm gonna sell everything I've got leaving about 20-25 EDC on each char for lulz.