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07-18-2009, 08:24 AM
Originally Posted by WaxPaper View Post
Hey guys, this is Josh (WaxPaper), the author of the editorial. Listen, I'm sorry about the Romulus thing. It was one of those "mini mental aneurysms" that all of us get from time to time, and for some reason we don't associate one thing with another, or realize even though we did know it at the time. Yes, I have looked at the timeline I posted. Yes, I have seen the movie. Yes, I've seen every episode of every show and every movie ever released. It was just a dumb mistake, and I'm sorry if you got the wrong impression of me (or of

Also, to everyone who says "Eh, nothing new here"...the editorial was written for a broader audience than just 'Trek fans, and its MAIN purpose wasn't to provide news that no one had heard yet. It was an editorial about how the new movie relates to the game, and the fan-developer relationship regarding Abrams' reboot.

Once again, I'm sorry if my mistake caused you any emotional or mental distress. I suppose coming across a blatant mistake like that can induce a pretty shock-inducing trauma if you're not prepared for it in advance. Normally, I'd be surprised to see such negativity and bile from Star Trek fans, considering most of us love the show for the intellectual and ethical tenets I mentioned in the editorial. But I admit...mistaking Romulus' existence for the wrong timeline is a pretty unforgivable offense.


It was nice of you respond to the criticism given on the forum. I admit I can be harsh on journalists sometimes. But a follow up correcting a mistake shows you care, and I can accept that sometimes we miss things. The mistake was so obvious I was taken back, but you owned your mistake, apologized, and you fixed the article. Thats what I would expect from someone who cares about their work. I now view in a better light. And its always good to put a human face on your articles.

The article reads much better now, and its obvious you have been following the development for sometime. I've been following STO for 4 years now (about a year after PE started development) and your summery of the history of the development process is accurate.

I for one am happy that Cryptic has the IP. PE was a backwards company that seemed to be lacking in management, creativity, and vision. But now we have a dev with a good track record for MMO's, and they show that they are really doing their research. Like the whole team gathers to watch star trek episodes. I for one can not wait to play this game. World of War Craft got old like a year ago, and I'm board.

Thanks Josh for the update,