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# 1 Torp Spread vs. High Yield
11-07-2012, 07:37 AM
I've been playing for a good while now, but I'm not what you would call hardcore. I feel pretty confident in my builds and play-style, but I've always been confused at peoples' love for Torpedo Spread.

On my escort, I enjoy pounding my targets into oblivion and, on my ship that does use torpedoes, slipping a high yield torp in past a facing with no shields left really does the trick.

Yet in many STF and general builds, I see torpedo spread as being touted as an important skill to have and I see it in use regularly on even single targets in various videos out there.

My question is, what makes torp spread a better value over the high yield or is it really? Unless you're in a group that's NOT focus firing on one ship, your torpedoes hitting multiple targets will generally be blunted by their active shields, only really damaging (and taking advantage of the full torp damage) on the ship that you've been cutting down. That doesn't seem efficient to me, even using it as it's supposed to be used, much less on single targets.

Thanks for your help and advice in advance. I really enjoy this game and am always looking to get better and understand it more.