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11-07-2012, 08:55 AM
I've been doing the survey since, oh, the end of September.

I think, but may be off by a little, gotten somewhere around 5000 zen from all the surveys.
I've bought master keys, character slots, costume packs. All form survey zen.

Now I'm working on the zen needed to buy the Vesta triple pack when it comes out. I just under halfway there.

Now, I do supplement it with selling dilithium, but that is small potatoes. Then as a Gold member, my monthly stipend helps boost it at the beginning of the month.

I usually stay clear of the Free offers, as these are the ones that generate spam.

I stick to the surveys, and its almost even that ones give me zen, and ones don't.

Oh, I've done a few surveys where it finished, and didn't pay anything.

I contacted Peanut Labs, and they resolved the matter in 24 hours or less, not bad.

All in all, the surveys are the way to go. Be patient, and take your time. They do pay out and if you are persistent, you can get a good amount of zen out of them.