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11-07-2012, 08:57 AM
We don't really need any dilithium from the conversion process ,as we already got that from the runs we did directly.

A streight conversion to the new currencies for lack of a better word would be nice.

I understand sort of them not giving us enough Marks and Neural processors amd dilithium to streight buy a Mk XII piece for a proto tech. While that piece of loot can buy a Mk XII piece it was a bonus item, not the standard reward.

I get 2 EDCs from an Elite run minimum, dont count any bonus stuff.

A veteran piece is worth 40 EDC, by extension a Elite piece should be worth something like 80 EDC (they just chose not to allow that), so a Elite gear piece is worth 40 runs on Elite.

40 runs on Elite gives us 2400 Omega Marks and 40 Neural Processors under the new system.

Is that what we get from the conversion for 80 EDCs?

The closest on the spreadsheet I can see to those numbers is a Tier 5 conversion, but severely lacking in neural Processors.

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