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11-07-2012, 09:33 AM
In my opinion ive used all turrets for my Sci, Eng and Tac. But it works best for a Sci and Eng i find. If you happen to have the Excelcior and/or Mirror Assult Cruiser (Prime Star Cruiser but with extra Tac slot) then i suggest you use those two ships.

For turrets its all dependent on your choice of what bonus you'd like to apply on the enemy, would you like SHield drain? then Tets is your best. I prefer my Disruptors for a good -10% Damage resistance. Its all personal choice because they all work well on most types of battle (PvP, PvE). NO RAINBOW TURRET BOAT... that will just lower your damage output. Plus id stay away from plasma if your Lv. 40+ because most people in those ranges of levels will have Plasma protection due to Borg using Plasma based weapons.

I would refrain from using the Prefire CHamber that boosts cannons and turrets due to it's low %. But since turrets are an energy based weapon i use my energy boosting consol. Also if you are interested in an additional weapon, possibly a Torp. Go for the one you get at the end of Doomsday. That torp will continually damnage your tatget's hull and end in a huge chuck taken out depending on thier protective consols and their skills they use to avoid it. Plus... Most new players dont know these things about that torp so it will be a shock for them somewhat lol.

Dont bother putting all turrets on an escort. They are too fast to even need Turrets. Science is ok to have them on the Aft but save the front for single cannons and duel beam banks. Carriors (KDF, Artox, Recluse) Perfect example of another ship that would do good especially if you had shield healing support crafts. But dont waste turrets ont the Arminage. Its manuverability is like an Escort.

Hope this infomation helped atleast a bit

~Scott Tetrius of Omega Armada