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11-07-2012, 11:49 AM
I was thinking, with Mr Ford wanting a dead part in the next film, why not do it like this:

Peace is finally known for years, after the last bits of the failed Galactic Empire are rooted out, and a new government takes shape. Leia is named Chancellor, Han is married to her, and they had twins earlier. Who are now older live about 18 or in the 20s. One follows the political life of their mother, and the other one is a little wild, and takes after Han. Mainly getting into trouble a few times, and doesn't like to just sit around.

Ok a new enemy comes around, maybe a dark Jedi that was trained by Vader or the Empire. This Dark Jedi wa sin hiding after the rebells finish rounding up the last of the old Empire, and waits for a chance to go after the leadership. That being Leia and her followers.

So lets say it's a the Dark Jedi plays the role of the Rebells, and leads his own small army against the government, and when he comes after Leia Han gets killed saving her. This could setup the 1st movie to give a back story to why one of the Children of Han and Leia goes after this foe, and they are told to seek out Luke, who can teach them how to beat this Dark Knight.

To make it deeper, you can have the Dark Knight's forces part of a large invasion force, and they were used to test the New governments ablity to defend itself.

Not saying this is what they should do, but it's something that might work to setup the Death of Han Solo. Something like this at the begining of the next film, might be the way to go. Say make it like 10 to 15 minutes into the film. Might be best seeing how Mr Ford wants Han to die, so let him go out on his feet.

What do you guys think about that idea?