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In my quest to get the Jem Bug Ship I ended up with 200+ lobi on one toon, but the ship is going to another toon. Why did I open the boxes on that toon, well they already had 150 lobi (I got the ship on my 8th Duty Officer Reinforcement Pack). I wanna get a Tachyon Converter Console for the Bug Ship, but if I buy it, it will be bound to that character. I understand the whole not wanting to share Lobi between toons do to the very rare rerun weeks, but some items that you don't want to flood the exchange are just straight up bound on acquire but it makes Lobi hard to manage when you already opened a bunch of Lobi for another ship on another toon.

Any updates on this? Throw us some kind of a bone, we are finally excepting this lockbox lottery!
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