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Science can actually deal very high DPS in STFs when using the Analyst Kit and a very specific duty officer layout. I run this ground build on a Bajoran Science character with a full MACO Mk XII set and a Mk XII Antiproton Pulsewave Assault. MACO compliments science very well, the two piece bonus removes the need to carry shield charges. This build is also very flexible, allowing your to quickly switch between dealing damage and healing your team. All it needs is one kit swap.

Shard of Possibilities
Medium Hypo
Fleet Tribble
Immunosupport Nanite Injector

Duty officers (purple):
1 Biochemist | -10 All Damage resist to target for 60 seconds every time a science debuff is used. Affects all offensive abilities in the analyst kit and has no stack limit. Also affects tricorder scan, neural neutralizer, and dampening field.
1 Biologist | Extends the damage resistance and damage reduction effect from tricorder scan and Anesthizine Gas by 8 seconds.
2 Doctor | 20% chance to increase target's maximum health by 30 for 30 seconds every time medical tricorder or vascular regenerator is used. (Useful while using the medic kit).
1 Counselor | 20% chance to add a +30 willpower buff to the target for 30 seconds every time a science buff OR heal is used.

The trick to this build is to know when to be in high damage mode or heavy healing mode. In high damage mode you use the analyst kit. To use this build most effectively, you want your enemies tightly packed. Start off by throwing tricorder scan on a group of enemies, then hit the group with Tachyon Harmonic. Now they have the tricorder scan debuff and two biochemist debuffs on them. Next hit them with Neural neutralizer and then Sonic pulse. While they are down press the X key to aim, tricorder scan again, and hit them with the pulsewave archwave setting. You will easily deal 800 damage to the borg targets. On crit you can get up to the 3000 range. And if you have a tactical officer use tactical initiative, your debuffs get a very large cooldown drop and you can easily rack up 15-20 stacks of the biochemist debuff, netting a -150 to -200 all damage resist for 60 seconds. Firing the archwave in this case will easily deal 2000 or more damage to the borg.

However, there are times when you need to switch out the high DPS build for a healing build. The healing build is essential for defeating Armek in cure ground. The healing build is also useful when your team is very poor and they can't stay on their feet for two seconds or at particularly difficult points in missions. In this case you can switch to a full heal build and toss heals on your allies. I would suggest assigning hotkeys to each of your teamates and to your kit powers so you can quickly cycle them when they need heals. This build is not without it's damage potential, you still have your four innate debuffs (tricorder scan, neural neutralizer, dampening field, and nanite infestation). You won't be able to stack damage resists as you would while using analyst, but you will still deal significant damage.

EDIT: Bajorans and Betazoids are the most ideal races for ground science officers on the Starfleet side. (And to a lesser extent Vulcans, Rigelians, and Trill) Bajorans are great self healers and team healers, the creative and spiritual traits greatly enhance healing. Good third and fourth traits are Peak Health and Soldier (or Sure Footed). Betazoids are very good team healers and stealth detectors, the empathic trait increases team heal rate along with self threat reduction, while the telepathic trait allows for better stealth detection(not very helpful against borg) and expose chance. Good third and fourth traits for betazoids are creative and peak health (or sure footed). Trill are also good self healers with the Hyper Metabolism trait, but not as good as Bajorans with the spiritual trait or Betazoids with the AoE health regeneration boost from the Empathic trait. As with Bajorans and Betazoids, picking up the creative trait is ideal. Good third and fourth traits are peak health and sure footed (or limited telepathy). Rigelians are good for their extra heal ability and Vulcans are good for their extra control resists and melee boost, but overall Bajorans and Betazoids will outheal them.

On the KFD side, Orion females and Joined Trill are the best choices for science officers. (Orion Males to a lesser extent for bonus melee) For Orion females the control resist and the threat generation reduction are both helpful when trying to heal your team. It will still allow you to keep Armek's aggro during the cure fight, but it will make tactical drones less likely to shoot at you while you throw heals on your team. Creative is again essential for the 5% bonus to all kit healing and kit damage. Good third and fourth traits for Orion females are peak health and sure footed. The joined trill is the same as the Starfleet Trill suggestions, except for the fact that you will end up with 3 ground traits and 1 space trait. There is no problem with that, the third and fourth traits are survivability and control/knockback resists. The traits are not essential for running a science officer, but they do help significantly. In truth, you can run an Rigelians, Trill, Orion, or a Bajoran with just two ground traits. Betazoids and Vulcans on the other hand need three ground traits in order to pick up the creative trait. This is not to say other races are ineffective as ground science officers, but if you are looking for maximum potential, these race choices would be ideal.

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