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I disagree that the KDF would not build Science vessels. I think they would build them but like the specialized vessel it would be, it would also be a rare vessel in service.
Force multipliers like ELINT (ELectronic INTelligence) units are always somewhat rare.
But it's not their purpose to be the mainstay of a military force.
That doesn't make them any less valuable.
I know there are a few Science Captains out there who probably don't want to give up their beloved carrier, BoP or Varanus.
But I think the fact this thread is currently at over 300 views and the old one at over 780 shows there's some interest in a ship like this.

Klag himself put it this way in "The Brave and the Bold" book2:
"A true warrior goes into battle with the proper weapon."
This was his response to the idea of his operations officer to modify the ship's tractor beam to counter a telepathic attack.

And an Electronics ship is a weapon that slices through jamming and allows allies to strike at the heart of the enemy with unparalleled precision.
And it prevents treachery like the Romulan attempt to smuggle war materiel to the Duras family during the civil war.

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Exactly true, and also the reason why it sucks when the Devs write us as acting like the feds in how we do things.
I read the words "Featured Episodes" somewhere in those lines.