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Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
And here we come to the issue that it seems people continue to ignore.

Just because *I* completed a Elite does not go beyond my *character* completing it, why its so hard to understand that by forcing people into normal you are forcing then doing then by *each* character they have?

At account level? maybe but how many things are there at account level? I dont know how the system functions at account level but since the only things that count are Veteran Rewards it seems the system in place does not see what the account accomplishes on the game itself.
My comment is only in relation to Bort's statement that they wouldn't be able to grandfather anyone, not in regard to the merits of the idea that Elite STF's should be locked.

In regard to an account-wide unlock, that is a technical limitation that Cryptic might or might not be able to work around. In theory, they could unlock STF's at the account level in a similar way that they already unlock C-Store ships and Veteran Rewards at the account level.

But I get your point. It would stink to need to requalify every new alt and it would generally be preferable that it was an account wide unlock.

Except... Just because Player "X" knows how to complete an Elite STF with a Tac Captain in an escort, doesn't necessarily mean he knows how to do it with a Sci Captain in a Science vessel.

I'm not saying Player "X" should have to requalify... I'm just saying that I could see one reason why it might be a good thing. And I get that completing an STF on Normal doesn't mean someone's going to be able to hack it with an Elite.
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