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Originally Posted by maelwy5 View Post
Actually, counterintuitive as it might seem, crouching at point-blank range is still a viable tactic.

For two reasons:

Firstly, very few foes can deal meaningful damage in melee range. Taking double damage when the initial base damage is extremely low (and the recharge cycle on your foes melee attack is long) isn't really a big deal. Whilst you're in melee range of one Borg drone, the rest will likely still be shooting at you, so crouching and taking double damage from a low damage hit from one enemy is well worth the tradeoff.

Secondly, crouching confuses the heck out of the enemy AI. In fairness, it doesn't take much to confuse enemy AI in this game... but if you crouch and still use your gun when you're in melee range of something big and nasty, your foe tends to come down with a severe case of the what-the-heck-am-I-supposed-to-do-nows.

Nearly every elite PUG run I've been in that's worked has had someone tank Armek in melee range, whilst crouching. And in that situation, both of the above apply.

And you should consider, that if you can increase your dodge chance close to a 100%, the incoming melee hits will be dodge and you are back to the normal damage.

Lets add it up:
Crouch : 50% Dodge
Omega Shield: 27% Dodge
Omega Set Bonus: 12.5% Dodge
Gambling Device: 10% Dodge
Total Dodge: 99.5% Dodge

Oh, and the 3 Piece set of Omega gives a 2.5% crit chance and severity. So if the whole team runs this, you get 12.5% crit chance and crit severity. With tactical officers chaining Strike Team you could see a team with 25% crit chance running around. And tactical officers with +30% crit chance. Talking about the borg dissolving from secondary pulsewave hits! Get some Science officers to spam tricorder scans and things really just start poofing infront of your eyes.

Of course there are several ways to tweak your dodge chance up. This is just one example. The idea is that with high dodge chance, you can take twice the amount of damage that you could before. Melee is not an issue against most NPC attacks. Especially the BORG! You will find assimilation to be the bigger issue. Well there is a device to counter that.

Caitians have a 10% Dodge bonus.

So putting this all together. You should always be in one of 3 states:
  1. Sprinting
  2. Crouch + Aim (Press C and X)
  3. Or hiding behind an object (The perfect Dodge!)

If you have a slow remodulator then use State 3 as often as you can during remodulation. You are not outputting any damage, during this time, you might as well not take any.

Tip: If you are new to the STFs or find it that you sometimes just get autowiped, hang back a bit. Stay behind other people. You can actually receive a fire shadow, from a borg auto spray attack, by hiding behind someone else. Let them take most of the damage. Especially if they know how to tank. You can still shoot through them. Avoid Blast Assaults and Miniguns, they will cause you extra agro. And they really have the lowest primary DPS with VERY dangerous animation locks. Go for a Sniper Rifle or Split Beam (Does agro as well but 3 targets only). This sounds counter to what was mentioned before. But, you want to avoid FLANK damage at all costs! Flank shots counter Dodge. If you charge ahead and get encircled you will receive Flank shots and all the dodge you have won't save you. If you are facing just a Boss, then go ahead and go face to face.