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11-07-2012, 11:56 AM
The Star Wars universe has a pretty full story line now thanks Lucas Films approved novelization, but we are 20 years too late for any of the original characters to play any active role convincingly. Unless they are doing it in CG I don't see how, none of these characters has aged well. Maybe cameo roles, Luke playing an Old Yoda type sage, Han as some old General and Leia as an ancient Senator, all acting in supporting roles to a younger generation who will be the real stars of the show.
The last Raiders of the lost Ark film was just horrible, even then Ford was just a bit too geriatric to be convincing as an action hero type.
They are all just too old, Fisher would need a body transplant to look as good as she did decades ago and Hamill has gotten as fat as Bill Shatner. It wouldn't be doing the franchise any favors giving the old hands too much screen time.
Whatever Disney does I just hope it's not another G_dd_mn prequel.